Buy local

We went to Ladysmith for a Family Day Weekend Adventure today; we were going to stop at Gabriel’s favourite toy store and then at the bakery to grab lunch and an armful of baked goods for the week. Approaching the crest of the hill on First Avenue I thought, “Great, there’s lots of parking.” That’s because the sidewalks were rolled up, the town locked tight.

It’s hard to be a small-business person. It’s hard to pay rent and staff and to stay afloat. Small business owners deserve time with their families. But this sunny long weekend Sunday had to be a license to print money. I’m sad that we couldn’t support local businesses in Ladysmith today; we would have dropped about a hundred bucks there. I feel like other people would have too. So we drove to Chemainus. It was open (mostly).

Today I learned to call ahead. #bloguary

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