Droplet singing

I woke up with Cocteau Twins’ “The Spangle Maker” in my head. It was a little odd because they’re a Springtime Band and it isn’t Spring. (My curious brain categorizes music by things like association, which isn’t weird, but also by smell and taste and the seasons, which is weird.) As it happens, I’d heard “Summer Blink” on the radio the day before so I suppose the worm was planted.

There are 80 Cocteau Twins songs digitized in my library and when I initiated the mighty Shuffle All an extraordinary thing happened. The first song up was “The Spangle Maker.” (Depending on how you view things it’s possible it wasn’t extraordinary at all.) What are the chances? No, really, I’m not a Math Girl so I’m really wondering.

Today I learned to remember to pay attention when These Sorts of Things happen. #bloguary

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