Failure to report

The penny continues to drop… If you’re a parent in School District 68 (Nanaimo/Ladysmith) you may recall that report cards weren’t sent home in June due to last year’s job action. (Email to parents read: Final Report Cards for this year will be available for pick up in our office any time after Tuesday, July 3rd at 10am.  Our summer office hours are 8am – 3:30 and the office will close for the summer on July 13th.   Have a great summer and we will see you in September!) It’s worthwhile to note that, subject to The School Act, Student Progress Report Order, a student is entitled to three formal and two informal reports over the course of the school year.


Now, placing little stock in the quality of reporting I’ve received in the past, I didn’t rush to the school and missed the window for pick up. This popped into my mind on Thursday so I emailed his teacher and asked that it be sent home.


What I received set my blood boiling, again: an IEP Progress Report with a date of 2012-06-06. I figured that his teacher wrote up the reports early last year. On closer inspection I found that the document was this: a copy of his IEP (Individualized Education Plan) with notes in the comments section. Important to note about these notes:

1)   Not one note was longer than two sentences, and

2)   The notes were dated Jan/12. Let me say that again… January 2012. I was sent a report card from before the mid-term last year.


Would you accept an incomplete, eight-month-old report card on your child? No. To The Jar! (ref: “The Penny Drops” October 3, 2012)


Pennies added to the jar surrounding this incident break down as follows:


1 for each month excluded from the report (February – June inclusive) = 5

1 for each page of incomplete/meaningless commentary = 7

10 for failure to report

10 for aggravation (sending me to the computer to write this post)

1 for good measure


That’s a total of 33. The level of pennies in the Jar is rising.

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