Happy New Year

January 1st dawned bright with hope and intention, but by the 3rd it had descended into a fever dream of scrolling social media and The Sims Freeplay. I was completely flattened by a perfect storm of flu and hormonally-induced sleepless nights. Ineffectiveness. Frustration. Any momentum to carve out a new year and a new me was lost.

So I’m throwing it all away. I’m done with the tire fire that was January 2018. Happy New Year!

I took my vitamins! I ate a salad! And I’m flexing my writing chops! Welcome to Bloguary: the “What I learned today” edition.

I’m stepping back from other peoples’ content for a while to focus on creating a little of my own with a new blog-a-day challenge (now with 98% less politically-fuelled rage!) *That’s to say, we’re keeping it lite here. And 150 words or less.

Let’s see what happens.

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