Migraine haiku

Migraine continues.
Split head and stomach wheeling.
Close eyes post haiku.

Losing track of the Ibuprofen I’ve popped the last two days.  And the Gravol.  Don’t want to wind up accidentally pulling an Anna Nicole.  Even the glare of the computer screen is too much, dialed right down.  Barely coping by reclining on the couch alternating between The Learning Channel and Food Network when not indulging in recovery-TV like Intervention and Sober House.  Sunday TV, good times.  The wind-driven freezing snowy rain makes it easy to stay inside.

I am happy, however, to report that recent forays into the home production of frozen pudding pops has met with resounding success.  Prepare a box of instant pudding, load up a six-pack of Ikea popsicle makers, into the freezer and voila — simple frozen pudding pop goodness.  Maybe that’s why they pulled Cosby’s brand off the market, because they were too easy to duplicate at home inexpensively.  Why didn’t I try this before?  Next challenge: get Gabriel to eat yogurt… frozen strawberry vanilla yogurt pops!

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