Nice things

Sometimes people say nice things about me.  It’s easy to forget.  Too easy.  But when you’re self-employed it’s pretty important to keep track of that sort of thing.  See, when people say nice things it makes other people more likely to hire you, then those people may (will) be inclined to say nice things as well.  See how it works?

So I was looking at my site here and I realized that I hadn’t included a section for that.  It’s all well and good to say nice things but when it’s done in print they become gold because you can share them (just preferably not as a Facebook status because that’s tacky.)  So here’s what I did: I added a page  to my site called “Nice Things People Say”.  You can read them if you’d like.

It’s a drag when you don’t get nice things though.  That’s not to say that nice things aren’t warranted because they (almost) always are; it’s usually my own failure to ask for the nice things.  I’m shy that way.  Case in point: In 2006, after thirteen years of faithful service to Nettwerk Music Group, I was downsized.  Getting positive feedback from those people was like pulling teeth at the best of times so when I asked for letters of reference I was told, “Type something up and I’ll sign it.”  So not only had I been discarded by the organization, I wasn’t worth the time it took to compose a recommendation?  Worse yet, in this state of despair I was asked to focus my rejected, damaged spirit on finding nice things to say about myself and putting them on paper.  God forbid, what if I got it wrong?  What if the letter was edited or rejected outright?  Insult to injury; frying pan into spilled milk.  Obviously I never bothered.  So now I don’t have anything to show for the most noteworthy period of my career (except the gold Sarah McLachlan records.  There’s those.)

That’s why it feels particularly good to read the nice things when you get them because there are people who do feel it’s important to share positive feedback.  When they do that I get kinda warm and fuzzy.  Feel free to say nice things yourself.


  1. I wanted to say something nice. I love your blog. I think other people do too. I hope they tell you so. My favourites are the stories that include Gabriel. But I like the other parts too. Good night and good blogging friend.

  2. Gosh, I never knew Nettwerk was that crummy to you when you were laid off. :(

    In the spirit of saying nice things, let me just say that I very much enjoy your writing style, and all of your entries so far have been a pleasure to read. Since I don’t get to see you that often, this blog is a great way to keep up with the latest happenings. Write more please!

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