Ode to Harry the Dog

My friend Kristen and I are fortunate enough to spend time on Hornby Island each summer.  Our hosts are dog people.  They’re the kind of dog people I don’t mind; they take care to train the more obnoxious behaviours out of their canine pals.  I’m not a poet but one day on the beach Harry the Dog’s actions inspired me to write this piece.  True story.  

Ode To Harry The Dog

Warm summer’s day with weather so fine
Young Ias thought a float divine.

On the tide wee boy did wander
Current, waves drove mattress yonder.

“You’re too far away,” Father bespoke
The sea she did carry still farther yon bloke.

Hearing his cry, pup rose to the call
Harry The Dog bounded into the squall.

With strong legs, paddle did he
Swim out to the lad dangerously at sea.

Shouldered the mattress, turning that boat
Bearing its weight to move it afloat.

Through current and waves Harry did swim
Young Ias in tow, Father’s face set grim.

Over great distance that canine did fight
And onto shore the pair did alight.

Safe and sound on the beach, the two were met
With shouts of, “Hurrah!” and “How lucky can you get?”

So on this day we stand and deliver
An Ode To Harry The Dog, great golden retriever.

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