Of trees and greed and bloody stumps

Tree stumps on Milton Street.

My neighbourhood is filled with mature trees. It’s one of the things that makes it special here. BC Hydro had some people cut two of them down. They claimed that the trees were in the way of the power lines. But many other mature trees on the same street have been artfully (some would say “aggressively”) pruned to live in harmony with those very same lines. Why weren’t these trees given the same chance at life?

A nearby property has been for sale for a very long time. Were the trees off-putting to potential buyers? Does the property owner have friends at City Hall, where the permit for their removal was rubber stamped? Admittedly, this is Tinfoil Hat Territory, but you can’t help but wonder.

Anyway, it upset me. A lot. So I wrote an editorial on the topic for The Navigator Newspaper. You can read it here if you like.

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