What’s with the baby sloths?

The website needed a refit. Just a bit of shifting about, a new coat of paint, and a slightly new approach. (Much like myself, actually. I wonder if the following could be some sort of convoluted metaphor about personal growth?)

I’m a WordPress girl. I love working with it. But theme shopping is hell. So are font pairings. That part is like a one-way ticket down the rabbit hole of decision fatigue and straight to hell. Thankfully, Someone Much Smarter Than I narrowed down some choices, smoothed the way, and I remain aboveground. (I’ll get to the baby sloths in a second.)

The biggest change is that my chosen theme (Ink by Codestag) is image-heavy. Myself, heretofore, not so much. But visual interest is important in online publishing these days so I’ve made a commitment to hone my photography skills and get with the times. But I’m not there yet and searching out complimentary images for almost 40 previous posts wasn’t going to happen.

Which brings me to the baby sloths. Who doesn’t love a baby sloth? Who doesn’t love looking at baby sloths? I sure love looking at baby sloths. So much so that I scoured the interwebs last night and found many many pictures of baby sloths. And I used them here (with apologies to the photographers because I haven’t figured out how to attach credits to the images as displayed in this theme yet, but I’m working on it, and for the avoidance of doubt I believe that intellectual property rights matter and I have deep respect for content creators and beg their forgiveness).

That said, this will probably be the last baby sloth image on the site. From here on out I’ll be writing about things, different sorts of things, more and less Important things, and the imagery will move into the realm of the specific and appropriate. I thank you for your indulgence. Enjoy the baby sloths.

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