Win a Copy of Woefield!

Dear Susan,

Ref: January 4, 2011

I enjoy your blog. And your tweets (@thejuby). And you know I enjoyed your creative nonfiction class at VIU because I told you so (see item #9 in  your previous blog entry What 2011 Can Do For Me.) Now I look forward to enjoying your latest book, Woefield (having enjoyed your other books sets the precedent here.) Since we occupy similar real estate on the time/pop culture continuum I always get your jokes (i.e. references to Flowers in the Attic and Wifey.) Bet all entrants can’t say that. I also promise to write a nice little review on my blog and maybe people will read that. Wouldn’t it be nice if they bought the book then? Please enter me in your contest.

I would like to win a Hen Bag too. Strutting about town showing off the Hen Bag as I attend various events would be totally mustard. I can guarantee that people at those events and other places would comment on the bag–people don’t hesitate to talk to me in public for some reason–and it would be a great opportunity to publicize not only the bag’s designer but YOUR BOOK (references to Woefield will be artfully buried in an anecdote describing this contest entry and my subsequent winning of the bag containing the book.) Please be sure to share my offer of cross-promotion with the bag designer’s publicist, and other publicists, because it’s a great way to get FREE STUFF. And we both know that the free stuff is one of the best parts of “celebrity” (and/or infamy.)

In summary, please pick me. If I don’t win a copy of your book I will have to buy one. That would mean forfeiting my To Go Grande 3-pump Vanilla Bold in a Venti cup for a month and drinking medium double-doubles because, as a writer, I don’t have a lot of (disposable) income.

Very truly yours,

Alexandria Stuart

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